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Jorah discreetly checks out his greyscale, which is looking progressed, and makes a subtle threat about Daario dying young that Daario ignores. Indeed, "they" do have Dany, who's glumly walking alongside the Dothraki who've taken her prisoner, and whose dress has turned from white to blue to tie-dye in the span of a few days. She's getting a lecture from the Game of Thrones version of a nun and begging for the chance to see her brother, Loras, who's been locked up for being gay because this is Trump's Westeros. Hearing the growls of the Boltons' hounds, the two decide to jump in; Theon, who can no longer feel anything I guess, seems totally fine once they emerge, but Sansa is giving off Jack-in- Titanic vibes. Who is going to wash those old-person sheets? You should definitely keep listening to those flames. Melisandre — whose whole thing is predicated upon being hot, or else nobody would listen to her religious blathering — removes her necklace and turns into the grossest, most unholy monster Game of Thrones has ever depicted:


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